World Inquiry's Innovation Bank

The Innovation Bank is an expanding collection generated from the World Inquiry into business as an agent of world benefit. Each business innovation creates societal and business benefit.

Feature Profiles

  Yurich Creative- Designing a Sustainable Tomorrow  

Yurich creative is a marketing communications design firm that has woven its commitment to sustainability in its products and service offerings. The company’s business model contributes to sustainability in two ways. First, they work with clients who echo Yurich Creative’s dedication to sustainable future for all. The company helps these clients to communicate effectively to a wide customer base. In addition to this, the company helps these clients to achieve this in the most environmentally friendly way by doing more with less.

  Clif Bar Inc - Healthy Employees Providing Healthy Food  

Clif Bar Inc. has turned healthy energy bars and innovative employee programs into a growing and profitable enterprise. Clif Bars are made from over fifty percent organic ingredients, and are designed to not only provide energy during an activity, but also be healthy over the long term. In addition to this product innovation, Clif Bar Inc. invests substantially in employee and community development creating a unique and productive company culture. The returns of such investments have been substantial.

  Sonoco - Strengthening Education Opportunities for a Strong Talent Pool  

Exhibiting profound long-term thinking is quintessential for building a successful business model with sustainability at its core. Sonoco has taken this idea to new innovative heights by ensuring that the war for talent is won by nurturing this talent from the beginning. Via multitude of initiatives like enhancing education at local community schools and mentorship programs for youth, the organization is contributing to building a pool of local talent that not only benefits the community but obliterates any potential dearth of manpower for the organization.

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