World Inquiry - Participate

Few things are core to the World Inquiry:

  • We are looking for innovations, not companies
    As the world is only drafting business models for new millennium, no company is perfect, but many have invented products, processes, and tools that bring benefit to the world while improving the bottom line. Our goal is to uncover these innovations, and disseminate them.

  • We aim to go beyond philanthropy, business ethics, and traditional corporate social responsibility efforts
    While all of the mentioned efforts bring tremendous benefit to the world, we thrive to go even higher, and invite stories that balance and integrate business success and world benefit in a strategic way. We look for innovations that benefit the bottom line as well as society and/or the environment.

Step 1: Do an Interview

Do the following:

#1: Understand Authorship Responsibilities
#2: Develop Your Interview Protocol
#3: Choose a Business Leader to Interview
#4: Make Arrangements for the Interview
#5: Do your Interview

Step 2: Write a Story

Write your story while the interview is still fresh in your mind, the sooner you write after the interview, the better.

Step 3: Submit Your Story

Once your story is written you are almost done. Just click here to access the online submission form.