World Inquiry - Participate

“Good stories have wings and like birds fly from mountaintop to mountaintop.”
Romanian Proverb

Welcome to the World Inquiry! We are grateful for your interest in becoming a story seeker. As this Romanian Proverb suggests storytelling can be generative, for you and for those who access BAWB stories our Innovation Bank. This is an invitation to be a change agent of the highest magnitude; to use the story you find to foster new conversations about business as a positive force in local and global affairs like never before.

As you proceed with the Steps and guides below, please keep a few key ideas in mind:

  • We are looking for specific business innovations—not whole companies—that demonstrate mutual benefit for the enterprise and society.
  • We aim to go beyond philanthropy, business ethics, and traditional corporate social responsibility efforts—strategic examples of businesses doing good in order to do well.
  • We are seeking radical, socially inclusive innovations that demonstrate—or hold sufficient promise for—net positive impact, not just less harm.

Step 1: Do an Interview

Do the following:

#1: Understand Authorship Responsibilities
#2: Develop Your Interview Protocol
#3: Choose a Business Leader to Interview
#4: Make Arrangements for the Interview
#5: Do your Interview

Step 2: Write a Story

Write your story while the interview is still fresh in your mind, the sooner you write after the interview, the better.

Step 3: Submit Your Story

Once your story is written you are almost done. Just click here to access the online submission form.